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DCEU Exchange Letter

Hello dearest DCEU writer/artist!

I am so excited for this exchange, you have no idea. Thank you so much for writing/drawing for me and having a look at this letter. My letters always get embarrassingly long, but I think that's not going to be unusual in this exchange because we're all overexcited, verbose idiots. :D I do love everyone in this Batbar so much. <3 Anyway, I hope the length of this letter isn't off-putting or intimidating. I obviously don't expect you to include every single thing I'm mentioning here. I just thought I'd put it all out there and you could freely pick and choose the things that also interest you.

General note on my DCEU ships: I mostly ship Bruce/Clark and every identity porn variation thereof (Batman/Clark, Batman/Superman, Superman/Bruce, Clark/Matches ...). I also ship Diana/Alfred like it's my job. I ship Bruce/Dick and Bruce/Jason as well as Jason/Dick (or Bruce/Jason/Dick). While I ship Bruce/Alfred in other DC canons (mostly on the Gotham TV show), my impression in BvS was more that they maybe used to sleep with each other, but don't anymore (not regularly), but past Bruce/Alfred is very welcome. I don't see Bruce as particularly monogamous, so I would be very interested in seeing several Bruce ships included in one fic (like Bruce/Clark and Bruce/Dick, or Bruce Wayne continuing to sleep around despite being in love with Clark or Dick or whomever). Obviously I'm perfectly fine with my gift just including one ship, though. :)

I don't ship Clark/Lois, nor do I particularly like Lois, so I'd rather have her not appear too much. Though I don't really care whether you have her and Clark break up off or on page, or if you just write them as friends, it's all good.
I also don't ship any of Bruce's comic canon ships - Bruce/Selina, Bruce/Talia etc. I'm generally not really into het for Bruce beyond Bruce Wayne sleeping around because that's what he does (I'm perfectly fine with mentions of that).

I generally love just about everyone else in the DCEU verse so far: Alfred, Diana, Martha, Perry, Lex, the rest of the Justice League. Feel free to include Jason and Dick because I love them, but I don't really know an awful lot about the rest of the Batfamily, so I'd prefer if they just didn't exist (yet) in this verse. ;) Bruce and Alfred's relationship, whether in any way shippy or not, is one of my favourite things about the movie, so I'm always happy to see it make an appearance.

Note for artists: There are so many wonderful fanartists in this fandom and I would absolutely love to receive fanart for any of my requested ships. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at coming up with art prompts. I think many of my fic prompts can be adapted for art, but I tried to add some ideas for art for every ship, too. In general I prefer a more "realistic" style over very cartoonish art (a bit cartoonish is fine, it doesn't have to be hyper-realistic, but I'm not a fan of things like chibis, for example). I would love to receive porny fanart of any of my requested kinks: especially things like identity porn and costume kink (e.g. Batman pinning Clark Kent against a wall in a dark alley), or bondage and chains and kryptonite pain play, would all make for gorgeous fanart. But I also love tamer things if drawing porn is not your thing. Kisses, small touches, fighting, intense staring at each other; I love expressive faces and eyes and hands and body language. I love details on clothes and hair. I like somewhat muted, darker colours more than super bright stuff, but super bright is also fine if that's where your idea takes you. I have no idea if this is in any way helpful, I'm the most unartistic person ever. Feel free to ask for more clarification if you want to draw/paint something for me and aren't sure what I would like.

Okay, now on to a ridiculously long list of general likes and some DNWs, and then a lot of prompts for every ship I requested. Please don't feel constrained by how stupidly long this letter is. If none of my prompts work for you - just write/draw something that includes a few of my likes and none of my DNWs, and I'm sure I will adore it.

Do Not Wants:

- major character death, permanent injuries, serious illnesses

- completely tragic/bleak endings

- crossovers, fusions, complete AUs (a bit of canon divergence is fine, but no high school AUs, coffee shop AUs, no powers AUs etc.).

- any ships (including canon ships) I didn't list above as something I ship

- genderbend fics of any kind, mpreg, A/B/O, oviposition, characters being vampires/werewolves/anything but what they are in canon

- kinks I'm not into: watersports, scat, crossdressing, feminisation, body modification

- noncon between my requested ships; noncon in general is fine, dubcon between my ships is fine, too

- permanently unrequited love for my ships (pining is fine, initially unrequited love is fine, complicated relationships are fine, misunderstandings and temporary breakups are fine, but I wouldn't want the fic to end with "A loves B and B doesn't love A back")

- unnecessary epithets ("the black-haired man kissed the Kryptonian"), 1st and 2nd person fic

- for porn: super detailed kink negotiation – brief talking about what they like is fine if you think it's necessary, the emphasis being on 'brief'

General likes:

- first time fics and getting (back) together; I also love established relationship, but preferably with some plot or conflict, not just fluffy domestic curtainfic.

- I like porn as much as I like more subtle sexual tension, I like fluffier things and I like kinky smut. I also adore plotty fics in which a bunch of other things happen to my ship as well, so it doesn't have to be all romance/porn, though I would like one or several of my ships to be the focus.

- I also like: background stories about a character's past, first meetings and impressions (especially if we didn't get to see that in canon), missing scenes from canon, plotty future/post-canon fics that explore where these characters are going, plotty what-if fics that explore what would have happened if a character had made a different choice, fics from a different POV than usual in canon, fics from an outside POV ...

- I'm fine with dark themes (violence, noncon, depression, whatever you need for the plot, though I'd rather not get super graphic gore or animal deaths/cruelty) and I enjoy angsty fics, but I'd prefer if my fic wasn't completely tragic. It doesn't have to be all sunshine and rainbows, but a bit of hope would be nice, and I want my favourite characters/ships to get a happy or semi-happy ending, even if they have to go through terrible things before they get it.

Themes/tropes/kinks I like:


- loyalty, codependency, obsession, trust, and commitment issues
- complicated, codependent, obsessive family relationships (whether incestuous or not)
- characters dealing with moral dilemmas, having to question their principles, or simply wanting to do things they think they shouldn't be doing.
- intimacy, familiarity, people knowing about each other's everyday habits/hang-ups (especially in contrast to how nobody else knows them that well)
- difficulties to express feelings verbally and non-verbal expressions of affection
- age differences
- protectiveness/going ballistic when the other one is threatened
- jealousy/possessiveness
- us-against-the-world
- hurt/comfort, taking care of each other
- sharing food/drinks/cigarettes/clothes
- sleep-related themes (sharing a bed, falling asleep on the other's shoulder, waking the other, having dreams about each other, comforting the other after nightmares etc.)


- clothes fetishisation (sex between a dressed and an undressed person; one of them having a thing for the other's clothes (tailored suits, uniforms, leather gloves/boots/jackets, silk shirts etc.); people dressing/undressing each other; someone casual cleans up nicely, someone who's always prim and proper looks dishevelled for once)
- asphyxiation/breathplay/choking, touching/kissing/biting/petting the other's throat/neck, oversensitive necks, hickeys, marking
- characters losing control in bed (speechlessness, whimpering, moaning, shivering, begging)
- messiness (sweat, come play, dishevelled clothes, dishevelled hair, breathlessness etc.)
- first time sex (i.e. first time between the two characters; exploring each other's bodies, finding out slowly what the other one likes)
- rough/angry sex, fight sex, bruising
- small gestures of affection/casual touching/discreet PDA; accidental touching/stimulation
- seduction (sweet talking, dirty talk, teasing, eyefucking)
- sexual fantasies, daydreaming, masturbation, especially before the characters get together
- massages, backrubs, stroking the other's hair
- friction, frottage, intercrural (anal is fine, too, obviously)
- banter/teasing (during sex and otherwise)
- competence kink/admiration
- praise kink
- body worship, people being madly attracted to each other, to the point of obsession
- scars and their history
- hand fetish (strong/soft/rough/calloused/gentle hands, long fingers, handling guns/knives/cigarettes etc., kissing the other's wrists/fingers)
- beards and stubble, beard burn on the other person's cheek/neck/thighs ...
- voice/accent kink, dirty talk
- oral fixation (licking/biting one's lips, drinking from beer bottles, smoking)
- oral sex, rimming
- bondage/restraints (pinning someone down, holding their wrists, holding their mouth shut with one hand, blindfolds, actually tying them up, collars, handcuffs, CHAINS), D/s overtones (ordering the other to undress, to kneel, to hold still etc.) - I'd prefer things to develop casually though instead of being minutely negotiated
- pain play (with or without kryptonite :D)
- gun/knife play
- sex on tables/sofas/against walls etc. (sex in beds is great, too)
- size difference/size kink

Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent

I am so in love with this version of Bruce - disillusioned, angry, bitter, broken, lonely as hell, and yet even he finds a sliver of hope at the end. And I also love Cavill's kind of introspective, quiet Clark who's still figuring things out, trying to find his place in the world, who's profoundly lonely and not really sure yet where he really fits in, both as Clark Kent and as Superman. I have tons and tons of feelings about the way their relationship could develop after Clark inevitably comes back to life and I would love to see any fic exploring that, whether as a friendlier relationship or as something more tense and antagonistic even as they start working together until they finally realise they're both in love with each other. I also love both of them and especially Bruce being emotionally constipated as hell and just not very good at talking about their feelings, this ship is great for pining and misunderstandings and assuming the other one doesn't share their feelings. And, since this is BvS a.k.a. the kinkiest movie of the year, I am absolutely here for all the filthy porn. I love switching for these two: both masochistic Bruce getting taken apart by Clark who's a little freaked out by his dom tendencies, and dom!Bruce who loves to make Clark scream while Clark is just fascinated by feeling pain and helplessness. And I adore all kinds of identity porn for these two, so feel free to pretend that the movie didn't just have them both know about the other's secret identity.

I love just about all the Bruce/Clark prompts on the DCEU kinkmeme (let's be real, an embarrassing number of them are mine anyway), so if any of those that fit my general likes inspire you, go ahead.


- anything focusing on Clark's return from the dead: how long was he gone? Did dying change him? (I'm quite fond of the idea I saw somewhere that Clark might well be somewhat hopeless and aimless after his death and Bruce is the one who has to remind him that the world needs Superman, but anything is good). How do he and Bruce meet again, how do they start working together? Are they friendlier now or do they argue all the time? How does the budding Justice League play into this?

- identity porn! The movie really robbed us of that by having the two of them know so quickly who the other one is. Any combination is great: Batman and Superman working together with no idea who the other one is, Bruce Wayne seducing hapless reporter Clark Kent with no idea who the other one is, Bruce Wayne hitting on Superman, Batman saving Clark Kent's ass when Clark is walking through Gotham at night ... I think the movie makes it pretty easy to have Clark NOT know Batman's identity, while you'd probably have to go a bit more AU to have Bruce not know who Superman is (after the thing with Martha and the funeral). So I love Clark not knowing while Bruce knows, but I'm also okay with both of them not knowing.

- also, pretend identity porn? They know who the other is, but Clark still lets Billionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne seduce Farmboy Reporter Clark Kent and bang him in expensive hotel rooms while they both pretend they're totally not Batman and Superman. Because Batman and Superman grudgingly work together and don't really like each other much. At all. Yeah.

- they become partners after Clark is back, and they work together all right, but they're not friends. And when they start fucking, it's usually rough and angry and born out of yet another argument. Except eventually they do develop feelings for each other and both think it's one-sided, cue pining and emotional constipation and taking ages to realise how much they truly love each other. Or just generally anything about them slowly growing to know and like and love each other.

- anything playing on their age difference, Bruce being paternal in his gruff way, Clark relying on him, praise kink, Bruce calling Clark "son" in bed ... If you want to go AU and give me virgin!Clark (or semi-virgin!Clark who always had to hold back so much in bed for fear of hurting his partner), I won't complain.

- all the hurt/comfort. Clark patching Bruce up after a fight. Bruce having to take care of a kryptonite-weakened Clark. Also, if you happen to feel like writing this kinkmeme prompt? (It's Clark/Lex non-con followed by Bruce/Clark hurt/comfort.) I would eat that up with all the spoons in the world. Same for hurt/comfort after Bruce got tortured and/or raped by some bad guys (could be the Joker, considering how blatantly sexually menacing this Joker is, could be any other bad guy).

- sparring! Clark is stronger than anyone else, but he's never really learnt how to fight, so Bruce teaches him - just in case Clark ever has to face off against someone just as strong as him. (I know that someone wrote an absolutely wonderful sparring fic over on the kinkmeme, but there's never enough of a good thing. :D)

- generally, all the porn for these two. Go filthy, go kinky, this ship is made for it. Especially D/s and pain play. Bruce wanting Clark to chain him up and all but re-enact his nightmare. Bruce getting off on Clark's strength and Clark bruising him all over. Clark wanting to feel vulnerable again, to feel pain again, because he so got off on Bruce cutting his cheek during their fight - cue kryptonite bondage, Bruce making Clark bleed, ordering him around, making him hurt.  Kryptonite branding because Clark is frustrated that the marks Bruce leaves on him never last. Rough marathon fucking because Clark's stamina is incredible and Bruce loves it when Clark makes him pass out. Clark being amazed by how much Bruce can take because he's always had to hold back when sleeping with someone. Choking and suit porn and leather glove porn and switching and ordering each other around and praise kink and marking and consent play and size kink and fisting ... there's so much awesome stuff you could do with these two, and I'd happily read it all. As long as it doesn't hit my DNWs, I'm game. Can be messed up and dubcon-ish, too, if you like, as long as they both end up enjoying themselves.

- nightmares! Bruce's nightmares and Clark trying to help and Bruce not wanting any help (maybe Clark heard him toss and turn every night all the way over from Metropolis), and Clark having to figure out ways in which he can help Bruce that Bruce would accept. But also Clark having nightmares - of dying, of being caught in his coffin and not strong enough to get out of it, of the explosion at the Capitol and everyone around him dying ...

- fake dating. Not my thing for most ships, but I think it could be hilarious for these two, especially if Clark gets the full brunt of the charming, seductive Bruce Wayne Playboy Persona and he's not quite sure how to react to it. Generally I love the differences between public and private Bruce, so anything that has Clark thinking/wondering about that is great. (Again, there's an amazing kinkmeme fic for this, which I adore, but I'd still happily read another version of this trope. :))

- Clark being in awe of Bruce, of everything he can do despite being 'just' human, his strength and his intellect and his determination, all while Bruce is angsting about how good, wholesome, gentle Clark could never truly like him.

- infidelity: I may be the only person in the fandom who wants this? But I'd love to read about Clark falling for Bruce while he's still with Lois (and maybe their relationship is a bit strained since he came back, but they do care for each other and are trying to make it work). Lots of pining and UST and guilt and shame and trying to resist each other, close calls and almost-kisses and actual kisses that last longer than they should, trying to stay away from each other and not being able to, adrenaline-fuelled sex they both regret afterwards. And Bruce refusing to talk about his feelings and whether or not he even wants a serious relationship with Clark, which makes it even harder for Clark to decide whether he should leave Lois for Bruce or keep trying to fix his relationship with her.
Obviously Lois would have to appear more in this scenario than I'd usually want, and that's fine, although I'd prefer if most actual Clark/Lois stuff happened off page. And I'm not looking for Lois to be vilified; if anything, Clark would clearly be the one in the wrong in this scenario.

- heats: this ship gets me into all kinds of things I'm not usually into. ;D Clark with terrifying Kryptonian heats that freak him out because he's so scared of losing control over himself and his powers. And maybe they only occur post-BvS because Kryptonians mature sexually later? Bruce is fascinated, of course (and totally turned on). Bonus if they aren't together yet, of course, for the additional angst of "Bruce is only doing this to help me, he doesn't really want to"/"I'm taking advantage of Clark's physical needs, he'd never be interested in me otherwise". Please no actual mpreg or oviposition or alien genitals, though, just Clark needing to fuck and/or get fucked a lot.

- lone crossover prompt! I didn't request it explicitly, but I would so be here for Bruce/Steve Rogers (I'm mostly familiar with the MCU, but I'm okay with comics influences) in which Bruce secretly pines after Clark and Steve secretly pines after Tony. So Steve sleeps with sleazy billionaire Bruce Wayne because he reminds him a bit of Tony, and Bruce sleeps with Captain America because the super strength and Righteous Goodness remind him of Clark. And Tony is outraged that Steve would waste his time with a vapid idiot like Bruce Wayne, and Clark is disappointed that Bruce would sleep with a guy he barely knows rather than turn to his partner and friend Clark. Would prefer this with some additional identity porn where Steve and Tony don't know that Bruce Wayne is Batman (but I'm perfectly fine with everyone knowing who Tony and Steve are, like in the MCU). If you want to be extra generous, I'd love for Steve/Tony and Bruce/Clark to get together in the end, but if you just want to write the Steve/Bruce bit with jealous Clark and Tony and Steve and Bruce pining, that'd be more than enough to make me happy. :D

For art: Again, feel free to adapt any of the above for art. Anything with identity porn/costumes would be lovely. Porn would be hot, whether more vanilla or any of the kinks I listed, but also just kisses or hand-holding or intense arguing while getting in each other's face. Sleeping together (as in actual sleeping), in bed or in the cave, naked or in full costume ... Patching each other up.

Clark Kent/Matches Malone

Since this is basically Bruce/Clark, too, everything I've said above about Bruce/Clark also applies here, all the same kinks and tropes are welcome. I would love to read something particularly identity porn-y where Clark has no idea that Matches is Bruce/Batman, but I'm also okay with Clark catching on who Matches is and still happily playing along. Either way identity reveals at the end are amazing, especially combined with some competence kink and Clark being amazed at Bruce's disguise and acting skills. And/or with Clark being utterly furious at Bruce for deceiving him like that.

I love Matches sleazily hitting on reporter!Clark Kent who's been snooping through Gotham (either for a case he's investigating as Clark Kent, or because Superman needs some information). Maybe also Matches "saving" Clark from getting mugged and wanting a little something in return, some dubcon-y "you don't want me to throw you back out to the wolves, you'd be much safer with me, kid, I can keep an eye on you ..." And Clark going along with it because something about Matches is way, way more appealing than this badly dressed, sleazy gangster should be.

Semi-public sex would be awesome - dark alleys, public bathrooms, groping Clark underneath the table at a bar ... Matches being kind of paternalistic and patronising, calling him "kid" and "son" and "showing him a good time" and teaching Clark a few things ... Matches dragging Clark to strip clubs, watching him get all hot and bothered, and when Clark doesn't want to sleep with any of those girls, well, the least Matches can do is take care of him himself ...

For art: I'd generally love to see Batfleck!Matches. Especially if he gets in Clark's face - cornering him against a wall, getting in his personal space at the bar, feeling him up, grabbing his tie or his knee, touching his face, Clark being confused and a bit disgusted and very turned on. And if you want to go porny, something like bathroom blowjobs or Matches bending Clark over or grabbing Clark's cock, aggressive kisses that Clark isn't sure he likes, but he kind of does ...

Alfred Pennyworth/Diana Prince

I'm still not entirely sure how this ship happened. I think I just imagined Alfred and Diana having tea together every now and then and befriending each other and then I had one of those "oh shit, I think I ship it" moments. So here we are. I think they'd really enjoy each other's company and grow to like each other a lot. I figure they'd have a lot of common interests and experiences to talk about, Alfred is a pretty interesting guy with an interesting life story, they'd both be able to make each other smile and laugh and they'd just get each other. They could commiserate about Bruce being a pain in the ass, they could have tea together and talk, they could go to art galas and operas and the theatre and whatnot together, they'd probably snark about everyone around them and have a blast. And become really good friends in the process.

And well, Alfred would never get it into his head to hit on Wonder Woman, talk about women who are so far out of his league he'd barely even consider it even if he had time for a relationship. But Diana? If she falls for him, she'll make sure he knows. And since she's immortal, I don't think the fact that he looks much older than her would really be an issue in her opinion.

I should maybe mention that I'm really not into femdom and pegging, if you want to write porn.

I don't have a lot of very different prompts for them, but here are some ideas I'd love to see explored:

- friendship-to-love, slow burn romance with lots of wooing and going out together and making each other laugh

- Alfred not even thinking of their get-togethers as dating at first because he doesn't think she'd ever really be interested in him that way

- lots of UST and constrained pining and the two of them actually enjoying the slow burn: downright chaste hand-touching, dancing with each other, Alfred's hand on the small of her back, Diana asking Alfred to help her fasten her necklace before they go out, Diana straightening his tie, slow graduating to neck kisses, hair-touching ... Basically, make me (and them) wait for it. ;D As for actual porn, I am so fond of the idea of Diana being really into anal (on the receiving end). Idk, it's hot.

- competence kink: because she's Wonder Woman, and he's a very educated guy who knows about as much as Bruce does when it comes to things like engineering and spying and whatnot (and I do like the Gotham background of Alfred as an ex-Special Forces soldier, too, especially since I like Alfred and Diana both having experience with wars).

- anything that navigates the fact that Bruce is and always will be the most important person in Alfred's life and that Alfred just doesn't have a lot of free time; Bruce's (and/or Dick's) reaction to finding out that Diana/Alfred is a thing would be priceless.

- their age difference: Alfred definitely isn't used to being around anyone who'd consider him young, and at the same time he still has way more life experience than most other mortals Diana knows, so talking to him must still be refreshing.

- cars! Diana loves fast cars, so maybe Alfred borrows one of Bruce's cars to pick her up (and lets her drive, of course). Car sex? I generally love Diana talking Alfred into things he's "too old for" because, hey, she's way older than him, he can't use that as an excuse with her.

For art: A drawing/painting of any of the above would be beautiful. Suit/dress porn. Dancing together. Alfred fastening her necklace, standing behind her and kissing her neck. Alfred kissing her hands. Diana touching his face or straightening his tie. Kissing while leaning against a sports car. Going shooting together somewhere on the Wayne estate. Tinkering in the Batcave together, Diana carrying heavy things for him, wiping motor grease off the other's cheek. Actual porn would of course be amazing, too.

Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson

I can never resist a good father/son ship, that's just a simple fact. :D What fascinates me is how Dick would fit into the DCEU verse. I think BvS makes it fairly obvious that he and Bruce aren't on speaking terms, because BvS!Bruce doesn't come across as a man who has a healthy relationship with his surviving son. I'd love to see both some backstory on this estrangement as well as some reconciliation post-BvS. While I'd definitely prefer a fic that is at least partly set post-BvS, I'm perfectly fine with the fic also including things from their past. Underage is fine as long as Dick was at least 15ish the first time they slept with each other, and I'd think that Dick would very definitely have been the one to initiate things (and he probably had to work very hard to convince Bruce to give in, and Bruce still angsted about it).


- how did Jason's death influence their relationship? I know that in some of the comics at least Jason and Dick weren't all that close, but I prefer them as having been at least somewhat close. So maybe a part of Dick blames Bruce for getting his brother killed? Just like he partly blames himself for letting Jason be Robin in the first place? Maybe they were just both in a really bad place after Jason's death and could barely handle being around each other without arguing?

- what if Bruce systematically pushed Dick away when he decided to go after Superman? Because he knew Dick wouldn't approve, or worse, because Dick wouldn't let him do it alone and Bruce wasn't going to get both his sons killed. If you go with this, I would love to see Dick's post-BvS realisation of what Bruce was doing, and a lot of guilt for letting Bruce play him like that instead of sticking around and protecting Bruce from himself.

- first post-BvS meeting after possibly years of barely any contact. Either Dick coming to see Bruce to ask him what the fuck he was thinking, going after Superman, or Bruce going to see Dick for an awkward apology because Clark's death just made him realise again how little time he has with people he cares about. Any kind of reconciliation would be great. Also first-time-after-a-long-time-apart sex would be amazing.

- anything about how incredibly well these two know each other, all that familiarity and intimacy, to the point of a certain kind of weird codependency where they're incapable of not loving each other madly, and where Dick especially has difficulties loving anyone else half as much as he loves Bruce. Flashbacks/mentions of young!Dick seducing Bruce are great.

- I'm fascinated by different Bruce ships co-existing, for example Bruce/Dick and Bruce/Clark. And Dick knows that Bruce has always loved several people at once, but Clark isn't really ready for that, not to mention how shocked and horrified he'd be at Bruce sleeping with his son. Would prefer some kind of solution in the end, though, I wouldn't want to read about Bruce breaking up with one of them to be with the other.

- porn and kink are always great, although I don't see Bruce/Dick as quite as kinky as Bruce/Clark. So maybe less violent pain play, and more costume porn, suit porn, arguments leading to angry sex leading to desperate clinging to each other, light bondage, teasing, size kink, wall sex ... I prefer Bruce topping with Dick, but I don't mind at all if you want to write top!Dick (though in that case I'd prefer them to switch rather than implying that Dick always tops).

- random AU idea I like: what if Dick wanted the Joker dead every bit as much as Bruce did after Jason's death, and while Bruce could have restrained his own anger, he still kills the Joker because he doesn't want Dick to kill the Joker? Cue tons of angst and guilt on both sides, Bruce hating himself for breaking his biggest principle, but not regretting it because he was protecting Dick, Dick hating himself for letting Bruce do that etc.

For art: Reconciliation hugs at the lake house, between Bruce and Dick or between Batman and Nightwing. Bruce and Dick in the Cave in front of the glass case with Jason's Robin uniform. Bruce and Dick at the burnt down ruin of the Manor. Arguments/sparring/fighting. Desperate kisses while clinging to each other. Bruce taking care of tied up Dick. Wall sex with Bruce lifting Dick up. The Bat and Nightwing kissing on a Gotham rooftop.

Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd

I'm one of those people who live in a constant state of hoping that the Batman solo movie will give us some version of the Red Hood storyline. In the meantime, I'd love to see a fic tackle this. ;) Like with Bruce/Dick, I would prefer a fic that is at least partially set post-BvS with a resurrected/returned-from-the-dead Jason, but I would be very happy about flashbacks or backstory or simply parts of the fic being set before Jason's death. And like with Bruce/Dick, I am very okay with underage if Jason was at least 15ish, initiated things, and Bruce needed a lot of convincing before he gave in. Though I'm also okay with Bruce/Jason not becoming a thing until after Jason's return from the dead.

For art/descriptions: I definitely prefer black-haired Jason (with that nice white streak) to ginger!Jason.


- anything about Jason's return from the dead, becoming Red Hood, meeting Bruce again ... You can use some stuff from the Red Hood storyline as it is, with Jason trying to kill Bruce, but I'm also fine with a different version (like Jason trying to work with Bruce or something like that) if that fits better into this verse. Some antagonism and conflict would be nice, though.

- some conflict about Jason finding out that Bruce tried to kill Superman while he still didn't kill the Joker

- Bruce and Jason trying to find some kind of working relationship, some way of coexisting, because Bruce doesn't in fact want to turn him in

- hate sex! Or rather antagonistic desperate we-still-love-each-other-but-it's-complicated sex. Roughness, fights leading to sex, Bruce letting Jason punch him, bruises and cuts and scars and Bruce angsting about every single one of them.  Wall sex, sex in costumes, semi-public sex in dark alleys ...

- but also gentler, softer things: Jason letting Bruce patch him up, Jason sometimes hanging out at the lakehouse "because he came to see Alfred" and ending up curled up in Bruce's bed and Bruce's arms, the two of them letting the other comfort them quietly when they have horrific nightmares ... And they never talk about that because they're both emotionally constipated and have too many issues about all of this, but they still have their small ways of showing how much they love each other.

- I usually don't have strong top/bottom preferences, but I'm really, really into Jason topping Bruce. Not exclusively, but if you felt like writing that, I would love it. :D

- again, several Bruce ships co-existing is super interesting to me. Bruce/Jason and Bruce/Clark, or Bruce/Jason and Bruce/Dick ... I don't think there'd be too much jealousy on Dick's side, not after Jason came back from the dead, but elements like Jason resenting Dick for being the "perfect" golden son, accusing Bruce of always having loved Dick more etc. I also ship Jason/Dick and Bruce/Jason/Dick, so, really, feel free to go wild on the messed up, incestuous, obsessive family dynamics there. :D

For art: Again, any of the above that could work at art - wall sex, sex in costumes, kissing in dark alleys or in the Cave, Bruce taking the helmet off Jason and recognising him, Jason curled up in Bruce's bed and Bruce joining him, desperately clingy hugs, angry fighting and angrier kissing, touching/kissing each other's scars or bruises ...

And I think that's it, finally! I hope, dear author/artist, that something in this letter inspires you, that you find some prompt that works for you or some tropes or kinks you enjoy. And of course I hope that you yourself get a wonderful gift in this exchange. :D


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